Unique places to visit on your Greek adventure

Greece is a country with a long and storied history. With so much to see and do, it can be hard to narrow down your options. If you're looking for something a little off the beaten path, check out these 10 unique places to visit in Greece whilst on your Greek adventure. 1. The Temple of Poseidon This temple is located on Cape Sounion, about an hour's drive from Athens. Built in the 5th century BC, it was dedicated to Poseidon, the god of the sea. The temple is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece, thanks to its stunning views of the Aegean Sea. 2. Gortyna This archaeological site is located on the island of Crete and is home to ruins from several different civilizations, including the Minoans, Romans, and Byzantines. The site also contains an interesting museum with exhibits on the history of the area. 3. Kavala This picturesque city is located on the northeast coast of Greece and is known for its stunning beaches and Byzantine castles. Kavala is also home to a number of excellent restaurants, making it the perfect place to enjoy some traditional Greek cuisine. 4. The Mani Peninsula Located in southern Greece, the Mani Peninsula is an ideal place to enjoy some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of busy cities like Athens and Thessaloniki. With its dramatic coastline and traditional villages, the Mani Peninsula is a must-see for anyone visiting Greece. 5. Meteora Meteora is home to a number of stunning monasteries that are built atop towering cliffs. The monasteries are only accessible by climbing a long set of stairs or taking a hike through scenic hiking trails. While visiting Meteora, be sure to take some time to explore the surrounding area as well, as there are plenty of beautiful hiking trails that offer stunning views of the valley below. 6. Nafplio Nafplio is located just a short drive from Athens and is known for its Venetian architecture and medieval castles. This charming city makes [...]

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European Shopping Destinations

This post is expected to raise interest to shopping lovers. Below you’ll find my favourite five European shopping destinations.  The following cities offer you the ability to make purchases ranging from cheap buys up to expensive designers – the choices are endless. London Oxford Street 1. London, UK London is one of the best places for shopping, specially during its big sales during the Christmas period. The best places are the famous Oxford Street, Carnaby Street and Covent Garden.  Other areas which are enjoyable for shopping include Russells Square (Brunswick) or Enfield Town (Palace Gardens). There are also many shopping malls e.g. Westfield and Hammersmith Broadway. Here you’ll find all the high-street shops with the best prices. Brent Cross shopping centre is another place you can go shopping in North West London. For more luxury purchases visit Knightsbridge and step into Harrods. Don't forget  Selfridge & Co in Oxford Street. For a more characteristic shopping taste visit Camden Markets in Camden Town. Sales Period: The big sales start on Boxing Day (26/12) and end around mid January.  Summer sales start around min June and end around mid July. If you’re in London beginning the sales period make sure to go shopping early in the morning. 2. Athens, Greece  McArthurGlen Athens Outlet I love shopping here. You can find anything from leather goods around Monastiraki area and its surrounding small markets - called Monastiraki Flea Area. You will find chic stores in Kolonaki and Tsakalof Street or by visiting Attica.  For more down to the earth shopping try Ermou Street and the Mall of Athens. If you wish to purchase branded clothing visit the McArthurGlen Athens outlet or the Factory Outlet.  I prefer McArthurGlen since it's big with many brands and it's surrounded by cafes and restaurants. Sales Period: Summer sales start mid-July and run throughout the end of August whilst winter sales begin mid-January and run throughout the end of February.   3. Brussels, Belgium Avenue Louise in Brussels In Brussels you can find all sorts of shops in Rue Neuve and Avenue Louise. In the lower part you’ll find exclusive designer shops (Avenue Louise) and in Rue Neuve you’ll find [...]

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