1. Paphos Zoo

Paphos Zoo has become a popular place to visit throughout the year, for both locals and tourists. Visitors will get to discover an exciting wildlife reserve and tropical paradise of animals, learn about their species, and connect with nature. Visiting the Paphos Zoo is on of the ideal family things to do in Cyprus with your family, especially if you have smaller kids who love discovering new things.

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Tickets: Adults: 18.50 – Child: 8.50 EUR
Opening Hours:
Daily  9am–5pm  (Nov – Mar) – Daily  9am–6pm  (Apr – July)
Phone: +357 26722777
Google Maps: Xylomantrou Street, Agiou Georgiou, Peyia Paphos CY, 8650
Website: Paphos Zoo

2. Mazotos Camel Park

I won’t go into many details here since you can find all the details in my dedicated post, Camel Park Mazotos, after visiting the camel park. You will find a lot of information and photos.

Camel Park Mazotos Cyprus15

Tickets: Entrance Fee for Adults: 6.00 Euros. Entrance Fee for Children: 4.00 Euros.
Opening Hours:
( April – October): 9:00am – 7:00pm / (November- March): 9:00am – 5:00pm
Phone: +357 24991243
Google Maps: Kiti to Mazotos, Mazotos
Website: Camel Park

3. Golden Donkeys Farm

Another nice place for a family to visit. It’s a small farm with donkeys and a few other animals e.g. goats, chickens, and rabbits. Kids will love it. You can buy carobs and feed the donkeys and also take a ride on donkeys in the surrounding area. The farm has a wax museum, a traditional Cyprus house, an ancient olive press, a small botanical garden, an amphitheater, one of the oldest olive trees in Cyprus (1500 years old), and the small church of Virgin Mary of Memila. For more information and photos check my dedicated post on the farm at Golden Donkeys Farm, Skarinou

Golden Donkeys Farm

Tickets: Adults 5 EUR – Kids 3 EUR
Opening Hours:
Daily  9:30AM–5PM
Phone: +357 99620736
Google Maps: Skarinou 7731, Cyprus
Website: Golden Donkey Farm

4. Petrides Farm Park

Petrides Farm Park is another ideal place for indoor and outdoor family fun, learning about animals, and enjoying delicious food and snacks with some of the best views on the Island! Visit the park with your kids to ride a pony, hug a donkey, collect hen’s eggs, and enjoy playtime at the playground.

Apart from lunch, between 10-12 they serve breakfast so if you are planning to go have that in mind.

Petrides Farm

Ticket: 10 EUR per person
Opening Hours:
Only Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 10-8pm
Phone: +357 22525255
Google Maps: Marki 2647
Facebook Page: Petrides Farm Park