Norway in a Nutshell Map
One of the most amazing experiences I had in my life.  Norway in a nutshell. After visiting Oslo, the next stop while in Scandinavia was Bergen. On our way from Oslo to Bergen we purchased the Norway in a nutshell tour however we were unable to do this on the day we were travelling to Bergen since it was very windy and it was snowing therefore the train could not approach the Myrdal station. So we did the tour on our way back to Oslo.

We booked our tickets via the official website a month before in order to enjoy Norway’s magical fjords.

So our trip begins from Bergen with a train to Voss. The scenery was magnificent since we were going through the fjords and it was snowy everywhere. We then reached Voss from where we got the bus to Gudvangen.

Gudvangen and the Nærøyfjord fjord

At Gudvangen village we got the ship for a cruise through the Nærøyfjord fjord which ended in Flam. During the cruise we enjoyed amazing scenery of the fjords. The Nærøyfjord fjord is a UNESCO World Heritage site and its Norway’s longest and deepest fjords surrounded by towering mountains. During the cruise we enjoyed waterfalls which cascade from the mountain tops and some amazing landscapes.


In Flam we had to wait for about 2 hours to get the train to Myrdal station. We couldn’t do much in Flam though, since it was freezing and raining so we had lunch in a café near the station.

Flam Railway – Flamsbana

After waiting we got the Flam Railway. The Flam Railway is called Flamsbana and it’s considered one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. In winter the view is totally different from what you see in spring or summer. This is one of the steepest train lines in the world since most of the journey duration has a gradient (hill) of 5.5%. During the journey we could see steep mountains, waterfalls which were frozen, we passed through tunnel and through fjords. It took us about an hour to travel from the ocean level to the maintain top at the Myrdal station which is over 863 meters over the ocean. You can find more information about the Flam line route here.

We got off at Myrdal station and got my phone to check the temperature. It was -15. It was freezing and we could barely feel our feet. We waited for about 30 minutes till the train arrived. In Myrdal it got dark so on our way back to Oslo we couldn’t see anything outside.

If you ever plan to visit Norway, regardless the period, I recommend you to take this journey. There are more options available on the Norway in a Nutshell website.

Some of the photos I captured on the tour