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Dora Christofi
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According to Trip Advisor

  • Travelled 66,936 miles
  • Travelled to 18% of the world
  • Been to 18 countries and 296 cities
  • Travelled in Europe & Asia
  • Reviewed 148 places including hotels, restaurants & attractions

Trip Experiences was founded in 2013. Travel writing celebrates the differences in manners and customs around the world. It aims to help readers understand other people and places and plan their own trips.

The advice column offers useful information on how to avoid costly mistakes while traveling, dos and don’ts to get you prepared and anticipate possible drawbacks that can get in the way of a lovely trip experience. What is more, the up-to-date information provided on the page can be the solution to a destination travel dilemma you might have.

The aim of this page is to transmit personal travel experiences to others so that they may emulate them or at the very least avoid previous mistakes.
The founder and main author of the page states that “Planning and researching is the most important process for a successful trip. If you want to get the most out of your trip then research is vital”.

And a piece of advice: Travel as much as you can and gain as many trip experiences as you can because life is short and the only thing that will last is our memories and the emotions we have gained from the places we have been to. Don’t buy things buy experiences! The most valuable currency there is.

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