Bruges is a beautiful small town in the northern part of Belgium, in an area called Flanders. It’s one of the best preserved cities in Europe and it’s like a postcard. It’s one of those cities that you can easily get around by foot and see the basic sights within a few hours. Have you heard of the movie In Bruges? If yes, this is the town the movie was filmed at.

Getting to Bruges

I was in Brussels and had a few hours free in the afternoon to get the train there. The train leaves every half an hour and it’s around 1 hour journey from the central station. When I reached Bruges it took us around 15 minutes to walk to the city center.

I visited on a cold rainy day however I managed to walk around and see the town within 2 hours.

Things not to miss

  1. Markt is the Center of Bruges, the heart of the town. The historic part is beautiful. The square is nice with ‘gothic’ impressive buildings. This represents the identity of Bruges and if you search for Bruges most of the images that come up are from this square.
  2. Belfry is a bell tower in the square which is one of the city’s prominent symbols. It used to host municipal archives and it was served as an observation point for spotting fires and danger within the city. Anyone can go on the top of Belfry with an entry fee of XX. Have in mind that there are 366 steps and the height its 83m. If you are in Bruges and want to take some nice panoramic photos then Belfry is the most suitable spot!
  3. Church of Lady is the tallest structure (tower) the city (122m). It illustrates Michelangelo’s famous art, Madonna and Child and a lot of paintings.
  4. Buy some chocolate since the here are many chocolate shops with a high standard – what I mean? They are a bit pricey.
  5. Eat fites with mayonnaise, mussels or fricadellen (meatballs). Avoid having food near Markt since prices are extremely expensive/touristic. Drink a hot Belgian chocolate!
  6. Tour boats are a nice ride around the canals so if you have time and it’s a sunny day take one. You’ll see things that you won’t see walking around. A boat trip costs around 7-8 EUROS. I visited during winter so they were not operating (they told us that boat trips operate between March-November).

Enjoy some of my photos and if you have to add something regarding what not to miss, please comment!