Of course Trip Experiences is not a food blog, but I’d like to take you on a taste trip on some of the delicious dishes that Cyprus offers. Cypriot cuisine takes its ingredients and flavors from signature Greek dishes. It involves appetizers, delicacies and salads, main dishes, mostly consisting of meat dishes and end with sweet desserts.

Appetizers & Main Dishes

The most common word that you’ll hear regarding food in Cyprus is ‘meze’. Meze is a selection of traditional cold and hot appetizers which includes a variety of specialties like tzatziki (yogurt dip made with garlic, cucumber and olive oil), tahini (crashed sesame seeds, lemon, garlic and olive oil), taramosalata (fish roe mixed with potatoes, olive oil, lemon juice), hummus (pureed chickpeas and tahini). Cypriot Salad is made of tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, olives, olive oil, and vinegar.

Cyprus Zalatina is pork in lemon and vinegar jelly (gelatin). This is usually served around Christmas time.

Loukanika are the traditional Cyprios Sausages made of minced  pork,  matured in salt, red wine and spices.

Snails are cooked in their shell (sounds strange), but they are delicious and are considered a great delicacy.

Cypriot meatballs are called Keftedes. Koupepia consist of minced meat and rice which is wrapped in grape leaves.

Lountza is make of dried pork tenderloin marinated in red wine, dried and smoked.
Halloumi is white cheese made of goats milk.

Kolokithakia me auga is zucchini with eggs fried in pure olive oil.

Pastichio – aka: Makaronia tou Fournou is a dish made with pasta, mince meat and covered with fresh cream named bechamel which consists of milk, eggs, flour and cheese.

Souvla is the Cypriot traditional food which is in many cases cubed charcoal meat (lamb, portk, chicken).

Souvlakia is again meat, in small pieces, cooked on a skewer, with oregano and lemon and are usually served with pitta bread, salad, hummus or tzatziki.

Kleftiko is lamb prepared, marinated with lemon and cooked for 24 hours in a clay oven with potatoes.

Sheftalia is a Cypriot sausage made of pork, lamb, onions, parsley, salt and pepper wrapped in a membrane of lamb or pig’s stomach (sounds awful? you have to try it, it’s delicious!)

Fresh fish is served at fish taverns, near the sea. Popular fish dishes include fried calamari and in general fish meze dish consists from a lot of fish dishes.

Savory & Sweets

Flaounes are pastry filled with cheese and sometimes raisins and are garnished with sesame seeds. These are made during Easter.

Shioushioukko is a sweet made by dipping strings of almond nuts in heated grape juice until is solidifies.

Cyprus Sweets are traditional homemade confectionery fruits stewed down with sugar and available in a wide range of flavors.

Loukoumades are small Cyprus doughnuts served with honey.

Bourekkia are pastries filled with fresh anari cheese, cinammon and almond nuts, topped with sugar

Machallepi is a rose cool refreshment for summer.

Kali Orexi! (καλή όρεξη)

Bon Appetite – Enjoy!

For more details regarding Cypriot Cuisine and Cypriot Recipes so you can prepare your own Cypriot food home, anywhere in the world, visit Cyrus Portal.