Peles Castle is been considered one of the most stunning and most impressive castles in Romania, especially in winter. I had no idea about this Castle before I planned my visit to Bucharest. When I was planning my excursions, my main one was to visit the famous Bran Castle (mostly known as Dracula’s Castle) between Transylvania and Wallachia.

After visiting both castles, Peles Castle is the most stunning one between the two. I visited the Castle on a snowy day.

I always prefer to take private tours to save time and reach the places I visit early in order to avoid the crowds. I usually book via Viator (that’s my own personal space for booking tickets via Viator).

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The Castle is located in Sinaia area, located only about 75 miles north of Bucharest, Romania’s capital, or one hour and a half by train. So if you don’t wish to go on a private tour, you can easily get to Sinaia either by car (on the E60 or DN1 road) or by train.

For this specific tour, you may find a variety of options by searching for Peles Castle.

Reasons to visit Peles Castle

1. Rich History

The grand castle was built at the wish of King Carol I (1839–1914), the first Romanian King, as a summer retreat. It was one of the most modern European constructions during that period since it had central heating and electricity. Since then, it has accommodated various historical figures and later on it was used as a private haven for communist leaders and senior officials from around the globe.

2.Architecture and Design

In order to enter the Castle, you need to cover your shoes with plastic covers in order to keep the place clean and respect the place. As we went through the Castle, our guide explained a lot of things about the architecture, the design and the purpose of each room. Its 160 sumptuous rooms are embellished with the finest examples of European art, including Murano chandeliers, German stained-glass windows, Handmade silk embroideries, Cordoba leather-covered walls.

Some of the rooms you should take a good look at whilst visiting the castle include:

  • Hall of Honor: with walnut paneling, dusted with reliefs and statues.
  • Royal Library: if you are passionate about rare books with leather covers and gold embossed lettering its worth looking at this library. The most interesting fact about this library is that it has a secret door, a passageway behind a bookshelf, that the king could use to take refuge in various rooms of the Castle.
  • Weapons Room: houses more than 4,000 European and Asian weapons from the centuries between 14 and 17. A German armor of the 16th or 17th century and a full armor for the horse and knight are considered the most precious weapons in this room.
  • Music Room: this room used to host several music evenings organized by Queen Elizabeth..
  • Florentine Room: also known as the Great Salon, with an impressive ceiling, carved from linden wood, gilt, two large chandeliers, and Italian neo-renaissance style decorations.
  • Moor Hall: having Spanish-Moorish elements with a fountain made of Carrara marble, a copy of a fountain found in Cairo.
  • Theater Hall: with its 60 seats and the royal box, being decorated in the style of Louis XIV.
  • Concert Hall: contains a harpsichord made in Antwerp in 1621, an upright piano and a Rieger organ Bluthner with two keyboards.
  • Council Room: which resembles one of the halls of the City Hall in Lucerne, Switzerland.
  • Living Room: located on the 1st floor and has rustic Breton furniture from the eighteenth century with pieces of silver of great value

Further top features of the Peles Castle include the hand-painted stained glass vitralios, the aboriginal fairytale-inspired motifs and the remarkable collection of art on display, which is one of the greatest in Eastern and Central Europe.

3. Stunning Location

This is the main reason I’m telling you to visit during winter, on a snowy day. The castle is located in a private area at the foot of the Bucegi Mountains in the picturesque town of Sinaia. The Castle is surrounded by tall mountains and lush vegetation.

The MAIN REASON to visit the castle

A picture is worth a thousand words. My photos are enough to pursue you to go there on a snowy day. It’s like a fairy tale.

Things to know & Advice

  • Visit early in the morning in order to avoid the crowds.
  • If you wish to take photos in the castle you need to pay extra from the admission price. I would recommend you to!
  • Go with a tour guide – they will explain everything about the Castle, each room and its history.
  • They do not accept credit cards to buy a ticket.
  • If you visit on Tuesdays, you may only access the ground floor.