Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is an attractive city for visitors looking to experience something different and authentic. In case you’re planning to visit Bucharest for the first time, here are my Things To Do in Bucharest based on my latest trip there. Bucharest weather, during my visit, was cold since I visited in February so you’ll notice that my photos are not so bright and colorful.

Explore the Old Town

Bucharest Old Town should be the first part of your Bucharest trip. It’s advised to have a walk around during the afternoon until night. It’s both amazing during daylight and nighttime. The capital preserves some of the oldest monuments whilst the lively streets are packed with many restaurants and bar. Some of the major attractions include the 19th-century Manuc Inn, the oldest church in the city and the oldest residence of medieval princes, the 18th-century Stavropoleos Monastery and old merchant streets.

Visit the City’s Historic Churches

Romania is Eastern Orthodox, but the real beauty of Bucharest’s architecture is not found in the big cathedrals you’ll see around. Many date from the 17th and 18th centuries and fuse elements of Byzantine, Greek, Ottoman, and Renaissance styles. The churches share common elements that include impossibly high steeples built over tiny floor plans, elaborate frescoes, and signature details such as raised pillars and stone balustrades. The Stavropoleos Church in the Old City is an excellent example, with its rich wall paintings and finely carved doors. Other churches to look for include St. Apostles’ ChurchAntim Church, and the hard-to-find-but-worth-the-effort Doamnei Church.

Take a photo at the Colourful Umbrella Street

Another colorful side street, which I’ve found on Instagram, is Parasolowe Knajpy, where Pizza Colosseum is located. It’s hidden in a passageway just off one of the main roads of Bucharest and attracts loads of people on a daily basis who seek to photography the colorful umbrella rooftop.

Palace of the Parliament

The Palace of the Parliament is one of the main tourist attractions in Bucharest. It is the world’s 2nd largest administrative building (after the Pentagon), an architectural colossus that also claims the title of the heaviest building in the world. With more than 3,000 rooms over 330,000 square meters and constructed with marble and steel, the former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu used it as his family’s residence and as the seat of his government.  More than 20,000 workers and 700 architects worked on the opulent Neoclassical-style palace over a span of 13 years while Romanians faced poverty.

Relax in the park

There’s no better way to escape the city crowds and spend some time in Bucharest’s parks and gardens. If looking for a carefully designed green oasis in the heart of the city, visit Cismigiu Gardens, the oldest and most popular public garden. For wide lawns and long walking lanes head to Herastrau Park or Tineretului Park. My photos below have been taken in the Herastrau Park.

Michael Jackson Spot

Michael Jackson is a hero to the Romanians. MJ was one of the first celebrities to visit Bucharest after the uprising. MJs spot is located in the Herastrau Park.

Have a coffee at Grand Cafe Van Gogh

Grand Cafe Van Gogh is tastefully decorated cafe located in the old town, next to Unirii Square. Its interior is characterized by postmodern colorful Van Gogh paintings. It’s With its unique design and impressive beverages this cafe is a popular choice for locals and tourists.

Have dinner at Caru’ cu Bere

This place is so popular, you’ll have to book to find a table, or you’ll have to wait on the bar whilst you enjoy their own house beer. Caru cu Bere is a located in a gothic revival building and its interior decoration, in art nouveau style makes it so special. Make sure to try their house beer, which is made by using an original recipe created in 1879 and taste some of the fineRomanianian dishes.

Spend a Day Out of Bucharest

Romania is a beautiful country an if you have extra days here I would recommend you to spend a day out of the City. The best and most popular day trip is visiting Transylvania, one of the most popular places in the world for the legends and mysteries surrounding his paths. On this tour, you will discover the charm of the Castles of Transylvania: Peles Castle and Dracula’s Castle (Bran Castle) and the wonderful medieval city of Brasov.

Consider Bucharest for your Spring Break

Bucharest is an ideal place for Spring Break, since everything is quiet and cheaper.