With so many options on the world map its sometimes good asking the question, where should I travel and why, and see what other travelers have to say about a place they have been and loved it.  This post is thanks to some amazing travel bloggers out there who provided me some input for this collaboration post when I asked the question on a travel bloggers group: where should I travel and why and they recommended me a few travel destinations to consider. 

From the places below I surely haven’t heard of Whitehaven Beach in Australia or Marrakech which is located in Marocco or Lubra in Nepal. Although I’ve been to Madrid twice, it’s still remains an amazing place I would also recommend to anyone to visit.

I would like to thank the following travel bloggers for their travel destination recommendation and wish them the best experiences in their travels. Enjoy.

Hannah Galpin from Nomad’er How Far recommends Whitehaven Beach, the Whitsunday’s, Australia.

The place I am recommending is Whitehaven Beach, the Whitsunday’s, Australia.
Why? Because it is an unspoilt dessert island, surrounded by the clearest ocean I have ever seen, with the whitest silica sands underfoot. There are many beautiful places in the world, but this spot made me feel special; it was almost a spiritual experience, standing in the gentle shallows, staring out to a sea of the purest blue. I felt like Leo Dicaprio in ‘The Beach’, wowed at the existence of a true paradise and my existence within it. The best thing about it, is that it isn’t hard to get there, at all. We camped overnight, and used Scamper water taxi, who also supplied our water, cooking equipment and camp permits.


Hannah Galpin from Nomad’er How Far recommends Whitehaven Beach

Akriti Sharma from La Travel Chica  recommends Lubra

Lubra is the place to be! This little lesser-known gem is a few miles of hiking away from Jomsom (Mustang) region of Nepal. The place is the last Bon village in Nepal with a handful of houses and an old monastery. Located approx. at the height of 3,400 metres, the place has no phone signal, wi-fi and is rooted in age old tradition devoid of any technological advancements. The village is so quiet that you will experience the best sleep of your life here. I bet nothing can match the serenity and spiritual vibe of this place! And yeah it’s a perfect spot to see the famous sky caves of Nepal too.


Akriti Sharma from La Travel Chica recommends Lubra

Jessica Langer from Jet-Setting Spirit recommends Israel

Israel is the center of history for multiple religions. It is a beautiful nation that houses amazing beaches on the Red Sea, the modern city of Tel Aviv, historical monuments in Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, and the most bueatiful gardens in the world at Haifa’s B’Hai Gardens. Most of all, I recommend spending a night in the Bedouin Tents of the Negev desert, sleeping under the stars and watching the sunrise over mountains.


Jessica Langer from Jet-Setting Spirit recommends Israel

Jacqui Moore-Moroney from Honeymooning Nomad recommends Madrid, Spain

Madrid’s people, historic neighbourhoods, melting pot of regional food, lively nightlife and modern-day infrastructure and amenities make it a must-see destination for any traveller wanting to experience Spanish culture in a beautiful setting. With one bar or restaurant for every 192 residents, it is easy to experience the delicious local cuisine, tapas and beer while walking around a city with hundreds of years’ of history displayed in world-class art museums, an ancient Egyptian temple, the royal palace, and the Buen Retiro park.

With so much stuff do so and see, Madrid is the perfect destination for a relaxing sunny winter escape, exciting football match, or music-filled night out ending in a feast of churros sometime after 3am – there is something that resonates with everyone in this incredible city!

Jacqui Moore-Moroney from Honeymooning Nomad

Jacqui Moore-Moroney from Honeymooning Nomad recommends Madrid

Francesca Course from Frankie Goes to Milano  recommends Marrakech

Marrakech – the Red City – known for its chaos and charm – a must see. Built by the Berber Empire, it is a popular tourist destination and one of the busiest cities in Africa. Marrakech is comprised of two distinct areas – the modern city (more commercial) and the “medina” (old city) home to the Jemaa el-Fnaa square and the markets. A must visit ! As the sun goes down, the square really comes to life. Smoke from the food stalls spirals high in to the dusk sky, snake charmers play their eerie music and the vast space floods with onlookers.
PS: the kebabs are awesome ! 


Francesca Course from Frankie Goes to Milano recommends Marrakech