You might see winter travel destinations and what will come to you mind is snow right?  But this post its not only about cold freezing places. This is a collaboration post with other travel bloggers who are recommending a city for winter either because crowds are smaller compared to other seasons and this is the best way to explore the city. Off season also means that its cheaper because the city is not that popular compared to higher seasons. Some others cities in this post have been recommended just because they are very popular for Christmas time and some other places are just great to travel too just because its summer!

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm for winter? Yeh, its pretty cold but why not? A recommendation from me after visiting this city in winter. The city is covered with snow and looks beautiful. There are less tourists which makes it easier to see the famous attractions without having to wait in long queues. I encourage you to take a look at my post: Stockholm Highlights & Facts and see how many things you can do in Stockholm during winter time. When I visited it was February and it was cold however we enjoyed everything about it.

Paris, France

Katie from Creative Travel Guide is recommending us Paris the beautiful and romantic city of France as a winter destination.

Paris is the perfect place to visit in the Winter. The crowds are a lot smaller than the Summer and the city is full of lights and Christmas decorations. The early evening sees the Eiffel Tower light up, illuminating the sky perfectly. This is my top city to travel to in Winter, it still holds all the beauty and romance you can expect from Paris but has that extra magic only colder weather can bring.

You can find more about Paris at Katie’s travel blog. 

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kristine from Pretty, Wild World is recommending us Sarajevo the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a winter destination.

Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country located in Eastern Europe. Once the place where, Winter Olympics was held, and until today, you’ll get to see the remnants of that event from some of the sites Sarajevo is known for  – the Bobsled Winter Olympics site. So, why Sarajevo? Simple, it is a cheap place to indulge, there are beautiful places to see, many things to learn, and if you’re up for some skiing time, then you’re in for a treat! Sarajevo is not yet a known winter destination, but it is getting there!

You can find more on Kristine’s at Interesting Things to do in Sarajevo. 

Zagreb, Croatia

Maja from Mexico Meets Croatia is recommending Zagreb in Croatia as a winter destination you should not miss.

Last few years, Zagreb has become a popular winter destination. From few stands in the city center, the manifestation Advent in Zagreb became one of the biggest in the city. Forget about expensive Vienna and come to experience the winter Croatian way! You can buy traditional ornaments in one of the numerous stands, visit city attractions and ice skate in one of the biggest skate parks. When you feel cold you can heat yourself up with hot mulled wine, warm rakija (traditional strong liquor) or by dancing in the street with locals. Don’t miss trying winter comfort food like spicy sausages and fritule as well.

In December, Zagreb turns into a winter fairy tale, the city is full of life, great food, smiling visitors, and Christmas music. If you get bored of the city, there is a small ski resort only 20 minutes away, where the FIS ski slalom race is hosted first days of January. You can ski for sure, but if you are lucky enough maybe you will experience the snow in the city as well.

Still not convinced? What if I tell your Zagreb’s Christmas market was voted to be the best one in whole Europe last year?!

London, UK

Sarah from Travelosio recommends London. Who would not ? I also recommend London to anyone for Christmas. Its one of the most amazing cities in the whole world to enjoy this period.

Sarah tells us there is a strong and lesser-known case for visiting London in the winter. Although the weather gets cold and the days short, the city exudes a different charm, of warm cider and cozy pubs with an unparalleled festive spirit.

You can read more on Sarah’s travel blog about Top 15 things a first timer should not miss in London.

Dublin, Ireland

Kassie from The Fly Away Life is telling us about Dublin for winter.

Dublin, Ireland isn’t a place most people think to travel in the winter since it is known for being a bit chilly and rainy. However, I think traveling to Ireland in the off-season is the best way to see the country! Many of Dublin’s main attractions, such as the Guinness Storehouse, are indoors so weather isn’t really an issue. Instead of waiting in lines of tourists, you’ll have beautiful attractions all to yourself and all for off-season prices!

You can find out more about Dublin Itinerary at on Kassies blog.

Cape Town, South Africa

Daria from Global Story Book is recommending us Cape Town in South Africa as a winter destination.

Cape Town is a breathtakingly gorgeous city, with everything one could ever wish for in a Winter vacation: beautiful beaches, scenic nature, amazing mountains, in addition to a vibrant city with delicious and cheap food. You can go for a hike, go surfing, or wine tasting at one of the local wineries – there’s really no limit to the amount of activities you can do. Despite its reputation – it’s actually quite a safe city, even for a woman traveling alone. And since it’s the Summer season in the Winter months there – the weather is perfect, so you really can’t go wrong!

Other than the photos below you can find more on Daria’s blog at Cape Town: A Visual Approach