The volcanic activity during the ancient years provided the Greek island Milos with an exciting variety of gorgeous colorful landscapes, offering visitors a variety of activities. The beautiful strange shapes of the rocks and their wonderful colours at the beautiful white sandy beaches are one expression of the volcanic features of Mílos.

Deciding to visit Milos, just came out of the blue. We decided with two friends of mine to go on a short summer holiday somewhere in Greece and wanted to visit a destination which is not so popular. We didn’t know anything about Milos apart from the fact that it’s an island in the south west of the Cyclades Islands and that the island is famous from the Aphrodite statue which was found there. Milos is an island with amazing landscapes, crystal clear beaches, with rocky environment.

Reaching Milos
From Cyprus to reach Milos it’s a long journey. We got the plane from Larnaca to Athens and then we had to wait for the ship from Piraeus to Milos. If you are lucky to get a Speedrunner ship then it will take you 4 hours to reach Milos. It took us 7 hours on the ship (Adamas Korais) to get to Milos.

We stayed at Iliopetra Rooms, near the Adamas port. I totally recommend staying there, apart from the fact that it’s cheap, it’s clean and the staff was very friendly!


During our first night we walked around the Adamas port, we had the greek souvlaki and looked to find a ship for the next day to go on a cruise. We compared the routes and prices which were offered and booked our trip for the next day. Before booking a cruise you need to see the destination of the ship and the wind. We visited Milos at the beginning of August and it was very windy. We eventually booked Thalassitrsa who was very honest regarding the windy weather and said that they were only going to take the safe route and sail from the south side of the island.


Our first day in Milos included a cruise with Thalassitra. We spent 60 euros and had an amazing day cruise. We cruised along the southern coast of Milos with a few stops and ended up at Kleftiko. We stayed there for a few hours for swimming, cave tours and lunch. Kleftiko area is amazing with crystal clear waters but the only way you can get there and enjoy it is by boat. The stories of Milos mention that many years ago pirates were using these caves to hide before attacking the merchant ships that passed by Milos.

At night we got the taxi to the ‘O Xamos’ tavern but it was full so the taxi drove us to another tavern near our hotel, O Zygos.

The next day, we decided to go on another cruise. We got the Andromeda Yacht. We asked the captain if it was safe since it was windy but he reassured us that it’s safe to take the cruise. It was the worse decision to take the cruise with this ship. The staff ended up being rude, the food was awful and we were so lucky that we got back safe. In case you ever visit Milos and you are looking online to see reviews about daily cruises, try to avoid the nice comments you might read. From personal experience I would not recommend it. Don’t get tricked by the 25 euro rate.

We again attempted to visit ‘O Hamos‘ for dinner. You need to know that o!Hamos is that you have to go there early (around 8pm) in order to find a seat (OR CALL TO BOOK). The garden, the (greek) music and atmosphere are amazing. The place is pretty busy and most of the times you have to wait in a queue for a table but believe me, it’s worth the wait! The food is amazing and very tasty. You should try ‘Gourounopoulo’ and of course the ‘Koufetto Milou’ for dessert. The staff was very friendly and provided us a lot of information about Milos, its history and recommended us places to visit. I would totally recommend the place for lunch and dinner; just have in mind to arrive there early.


The next day we decided to visit some of the villages and other beaches in Milos using the bus. Firstly we visited Sarakiniko, one of the most famous beaches on the island. The beach looks like a moon landscape, terrific. We then went to Klima, a village with colorful houses right by the sea. The character of Klima is very traditional with special architecture.

Then we went to Plaka, which is the capital of Milos built amphitheatrically of the slopes of a hill. We walked through the narrow paths, had a coffee and then walked up to the castle. That’s the highest point of the island from where you can enjoy amazing views. The best time to go there is during sunset. We enjoyed the sunset at the Utopia Cafe. In order to get a seat here and enjoy the famous Milos sunset, you need to arrive early, at least an hour before the sunset. The place get’s really busy during the sunset time due to tourists and people who just go there to enjoy the view.

Photos from my Travel to Milos