Dear Traveller,

If you are already a traveller who think knows you have everything on you package list whilst travelling, think twice. Of course you’ll be taking with you your passport, money, clothes and all the necessary travel items however there are a few accessories and things you might have never consider taking with you or always forget.

Below I’m listing the most common things travellers forget to pack in their suitcase and are very important to have with them. I am also recommending you the exact travel things to buy from Amazon which I’ve carefully selected for you based on price and quality.

1. Refillable Travel Bottle

With these 100ml bottles and jars you can take your liquids and creams along in your hand luggage

2.Travel Refillable Mini Perfume Bottle

You can still take your favourite perfume with you in this small perfume bottle without having to take whole bottle.

3. Travel Pillow

Getting some sleep whilst on the plane, the train or the bus it very important. Having a travel pillow with you will help you get a better sleep and be more comfortable. The pillow I’m recommending also comes with ear plugs and a cover.


Having earplugs with you on the plane will relieve any air pressure you might feel, will reduce noise and protect your ears from flight ear discomfort.

5.Drinking Bottle with Water Filter

Having a Filtering Water Bottle will let you take clean and fresh water with you wherever you go. Especially if you happen to be travelling in countries where water is not the cleanest e.g. Ethiopia, Cambodia, Haiti, Ghana etc.  Investing in a filtration water bottle is the best you can do since you will be able to filter tap water over and over again wherever you go.

6.Windproof Umbrella

I am not talking about any umbrella, this is a vented waterproofed umbrella which prevent the umbrella from turning inside out when it’s windy.

7.Sewing Kit

It has saved me quite a lot of times. Having a sewing kit with you may save you and repair any rips of your clothes.

8.Universal Adapter

Depending where you are travelling you will need a universal adapter with you. Check this map to see what you will need in each country.

I would recommend you the following adaptor since it is compatible with US Standard, Australia Standard, EU Standard, UK Standard and car charger.

9. Dehydration Salts

Great to have with you since these will effectively replace the lost water and body salts you might and feel energetic.

10.Imodium Pills

In case of poisoning that will lead you to diarrhea Imodium is the best solution – it will stop that feeling.

11.Mosquito Repellent Spray 

Always carry one of these with you, especially if you are travelling to a warm place. Mosquitoes and insect bites could be dangerous so make sure you spray in advance and avoid the bites!

12.Hand Sanitizer

A must have item with you whilst travelling in order to prevent illness. Most preferably have an alcohol-based sanitizer, it will help you keep clean whilst you are on the go and have no access to a water and soap.

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