If you are looking for a sunny island with nice beaches, landscapes, history, nightlife I would recommend Cyprus! Cyprus offers you everything, from mountains to beaches, from tasty Cypriot dishes, from quiet bars to wild nightlife.


Below I’ve gathered some FREE things you can do in Cyprus so make sure to take advantage of these if you are visiting this beautiful island. These are some of my selections and I’m sure there’s a lot more free things you can do.

Paphos District

1.Take a walk around Paphos Harbour & Castle

The castle is located on the edge of the harbour and a nice walk is enough to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

2.Take some beautiful sunset photos and swim around Aprodite’s Rock

It’s a beautiful place to visit and take some nice photos and also swim – however the water here is a bit chilly.

3.Walk through the 2km Avakas Gorge (Akamas Area) and see some flora and animal species

Find out some tips about this walk through the Gorge by Cyprus Travel Secrets 

Avakas Gorge - Photo by Pan Narrans

4.Enjoy nature’s art at Peyia Sea Caves

Pegia Sea Caves

5.Take photos of the EDRO III Freetown Shipwreck at Peyia Sea Caves

This commercial ship was forced onto the rocks in Peyia during severe weather conditions. Since then it has raised a huge interest with many locals and tourists who come here to see the ship and take photos.

EDRO III Freetown Shipwreck at Peyia Sea Caves

6.Visit the Agia Solomoni church and catacombs

Before visiting the underground catacombs there’s a tree with a lot of handkerchiefs hanged on. Hanging a personal offer on the tree, is believed to cure diseases of those who hang it, and many people, both locals and visitors still do it.

εντός κατακόμβης Αγίας Σολομωνής

Inside the catacomb of Agia Solomoni – Photo by Φ-Filippos-Κ

7. Make sure to visit Geroskipou and admire Agia Paraskevi Byzantine church

8.Check out Baths of Aphrodite, the place where the Goddess of Love used to take her bath

9.Walk the Aphrodite Trail, the loveliest path on the Akamas Peninsula, famous for its coastal panoramas.

Check out the route map on Cyprus Travel Secrets

Exploring Beautiful Cyprus

10.Enjoy Paphos Town View from Armou Village

What I love about my village is this breathtaking view of Paphos Town.

Exploring Beautiful Cyprus

Limassol District

11.Walk by the Limassol Promenade

Find out more about what you can do here by reading my post Limassol Molos Promenade, an enjoyable walk

Molos Limassol Promenade

12.Discover Limassol Old Town by walking around

My favorite one. Just walk around Limassol Castle and the small narrow streets and you’ll be amazed by the historical buildings. Day or night – you’ll get two different feelings.

13.Check the Graffitis at Athinon Street

If you happen to be in Limassol beginning of May, make sure to attend the Street Life festival. Every year these graffitis are changed.

Limassol Street Festival

14.Visit a picturesque village such as Omodos or Lofou

Cyprus has a lot of beautiful, stoned, villages. You should at least visit one of these and you’ll discover the traditional side of Cyprus and how it used to be years ago.

Lofou Village

15.Wine Tasting (On the way to Troodos)

A number of wineries in Cyprus offer free wine tasting. All you have to do is just visit! There are a lot of signs on the road (to Troodos) that indicate where you can find wineries.

16. Enjoy Caledonian & Millomeri Waterfalls

Millomeri Falls

17.Swim at the Governor’s Beach

18.See the cats at Holy Monastery of St Nicholas of the Cats located at Cape Akrotiri (Gata)

According to AtlasObscura, “When a plague of snakes almost prevented the building of what is now known as the Holy Monastery of Saint Nicholas of the Cats, the titular felines were shipped in to save the day” That’s why, when you visit, you’ll see a lot of cats here.

19.Watch the Carnival Parade (around February or March)
Limassol Carnival is considered one of the most notable carnival events in the world.

20. Check out the level water at the Kouris Dam

You might spot that the Church is covered by water.

Ag Nikolaos church at Kouris Dam

21.Walk the Artemis Nature Trail around Mount Olympos.

Mount Olympos is the highest hiking path with an altitude of 1800m.

22.Visit the hunted and abandoned hotel Vereggaria in Prodromos.

It was known as the “the hotel of kings”. Find out more about the story before visiting here.

Vereggaria Hotel, Prodromos

Larnaca District

23. Around January you will see the flamingos at Larnaca Salt Lake  

Salt Lake Larnaca

Salt Lake Larnaca -Photo by Trip Tour

24. See Saint Lazarus Church, another UNESCO heritage

Saint Lazarus church – Photo by Valantis Antoniades

25. Take a walk at the Finikoudes area

Larnaca Finikoudes - Cyprus

Larnaca Finikoudes – Photo by Tsiapinis

26. Stavrovouni Monastery
Located on a hill, from here you’ll enjoy amazing views (women are not allowed inside the monastery)

Stavrovouni Monastery.

Stavrovouni Monastery – Photo by RRphoto.eu

Ammochostos District

27. Enjoy some breathtaking views from Cape Greco

This area provides you with natural beauty and breathtaking views. I suggest you check our my dedicated post about Cape Greco and view more photos.

Cape Grecko – Photo by Lefteris Katsouromallis

28. Visit the Agioi Anargyroi Church

This small chapel is one of the few buildings in the Cape Greco area.

Exploring Beautiful Cyprus

29. Climb the 300 steps to reach Profitis Elias Church

A small ancient church which is built a mountain summit in Protaras. Check out the panorama you’ll see from this point after climbing all those steps on 360 cities. 

Exploring Beautiful Cyprus

30. Explore the Monastery of Agia Napa

Monastery of Agia Napa - Cyprus

Monastery of Agia Napa – Photo by Ivan C

Nicosia District

31.Walk around the Venetian Walls

The Venetian Walls are a series of defensive walls which surround the city and remain a major tourist attraction.

32. Step backwards in time by walking around the old city

Just walk around the historical Ledra Street, Faneromeni Square which used to be the center of the city and end up to Onasagorou Street.

33. Visit the largest Orthodox church in Nicosia, Faneromeni and walk around Fameromeni Square

Faneromeni Square - Cyprus

Faneromeni Square – Photo by Nicosiainrain

34. Visit the The National Struggle (EOKA) Museum

The museum displays documents, photos, personal belongings of the heroes and other memorabilia related to the struggle ,when Cyprus fought for the ending of British rule.

35. Relax at Athalassa Natural Park

Athalassa Natural Park - Cyprus

Athalassa Natural Park – Photo by AthalassaParkNicosia

36. Visit the Agios Ioannis Lambadistis Monastery in Kakopetria

Monastery of Agios Ioannis Lampadistis

37. See the church of Panayia tis Asinou located in a peaceful location in Nikitari

This tiny church which has been granted as a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. It preserves brilliant examples of various trends of Byzantine and post-Byzantine monumental wall art.

Panagia Forviothissa (Asinou) - Cyprus

Panagia Forviothissa (Asinou) – Photo by Ansgar Bovet

38. Visit the ruins of the Agios Sozomenos abandoned village

Agios Sozomenos is largely deserted village in the Nicosia District of Cyprus.

Agios Sozomenos

Agios Sozomenos – Photo by Tomasz Huczek