After my recent post, Why you should travel solo,  which explains a few reasons why to travel solo I decided to write a post providing  you some tips for travelling alone.

1. Arrive during daylight

Plan your itinerary to arrive during daylight, especially if you are female. It’s good to get familiar with the place you’ll be staying at during daylight.

2. Read about the neighborhood you will be staying

It’s very important to know where you are staying when travelling to a new destination on your own. Make sure to book your accommodation somewhere safe and avoid places which others have reported crime.

3. Get up Early

Generally, waking up early makes a huge difference. The day is longer! Especially if you are a woman travelling solo it’s very important to head out early and do the things you want so you can enjoy your day and go back to your hotel before it gets dark.
Wake up early, enjoy a leisurely breakfast (when all the good stuff is still available on the hotel buffet) and head out for parks, museums and other daytime-only activities. If you pack your day full enough, you’ll be ready for bed by 9pm.

4. Stay around busy places

Make sure to walk around on your own during day time and stay around busy places. Avoid walking on your own through dark alleys, public spaces are always safer.

5. Ask Locals

If at any time you get lost or want to find out something about the area don’t hesitate to ask a local. A local will give you the best advice and recommendations about the area.

6. Have a Book

It’s good to have a book to read or something else to occupy your free time on the plane, train or bus.

7. Power Up

Make sure to carry a power bank with you in order to charge your phone when you run out of battery. I’m the kind of person who uses Wi-Fi & GPS which drain my battery so I always have a power bank with me. It has saved me a million of times.

Tips for travelling Alone

Selfie Stick Photo

8. Take Photos

A camera when travelling solo is the best companion, at least to me. You’ll have the time to take as much photos as you like especially if you love taking pictures. When I travel with others, they find it annoying to wait for me to take photos, but when I’m on my own I spend more time photographing.

Also make sure to pack a selfie stick so you can take photos of yourself without asking others to take you and risking getting you camera or phone stolen. But also make sure that you phone won’t get stolen as you lift the selfie stick to take a photo (I’ve thought of it many times because is very easy for someone to grab it).

9. Have a local map on your phone

In case you are lost or wish to know immediately where you are, it’s good to have some maps downloaded on your mobile phone in order to see where you are located. Maps with Me or Google Maps are the best options to consider (make sure you have a working internet connection or download the maps in advance).

10. Talk with family back home

Make sure to let your friends and relatives know you are OK.

Have any extra tips for travelling alone to share with us? Please comment below. Thank You