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Last Updated: June 2023

Are you looking for a way to promote your brand, travel destination, or maybe your travel experience? Trip Experience is an award-winning and growing travel blog focusing on trip experiences, travel tips, and loads of photos. I’m always looking to work/collaborate with brands and people who share the same passion for travel.

Contribute to Trip Experiences

Are you a traveler who doesn’t own their own blog? Have you just got back from a trip and would like to share your experience with your friends?  Do you have some tips for a certain destination? Trip Experience can host what you have to share for free.

Collaboration Posts

Trip Experiences often hosts collaboration posts which are written by other travel bloggers. If you would like to be contacted for future collaboration posts just email me and I will make sure to include you next time!

Sponsored Reviews

Are you a hotel/restaurant who would like to be reviewed by a traveler? Trip Experiences is happy to provide a dedicated full review on the Trip Experiences website about your hotel/restaurant.  Sponsored content will be fully disclosed and will always be professional.


If you would like to post an advertisement or banner ad for travel products or services, please contact me to discuss.
All ads will be reviewed and approved prior to publication ensuring, these are relevant to my audience.

Contest & Giveaways

This is a great way to promote your brand through the Trip Experiences website and social media accounts.


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To initiate collaboration or sponsorship with Trip Experiences all you have to do is email Dora
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