Honestly, I would never compare Paphos Zoo with any other zoo I’ve been to e.g. London and Edinburgh. Paphos Zoo is small compared to large European zoos, however for the size of a small island the Zoo is a great place to spend your time. Considering that the zoo does not receive any government funding it has managed to develop from a bird park into a large zoo. Paphos Zoo is located in Pegeia near Coral Bay, approximately 3km from Pafos.

1. Open 365 days

You can visit any day you wish. The Zoo is open from 9am every day. Closing times change through the year depending on the season e.g from January – March the Zoo operates from 9-5, from March – July it operates 9-6, during August its open until 7pm, September to October from 9-6 and during October-December from 9-5.

2. Biggest Zoo in Cyprus

The zoo covers more than 100.000 sq.m, and is Cyprus’s leading tourist attraction. Here you will find an extensive variety of birds and animals from every corner of the planet whilst the collection of parrots and snakes is one of the largest in Europe.

3. Nice environment

The zoo has been constructed in a way that offers visitors the ability to not only enjoy the birds and animals but enjoy the magical sounds and nature colours walking through a beautiful environment of lakes, gardens and ponds.

4. Cleanness

What is most important is the fact that the Zoo is clean and you will rarely smell the scent of animals. There are a lot of people working there making sure the zoo is kept clean at all times.

5. Parrot and owl show

Enjoy a show with flying clever parrots and owls showing off how clever they are and their amazing abilities. Check out the Paphos Zoo website for the show times.

6. Feed a giraffe

With 10 EUR you have the chance to feed a giraffe and take a photo along with the kids who will love it.

7. Great experience for kids

If you have kids, it’s a great experience for them to become familiarized with all kinds of animals. They will certainly enjoy the parrot and owl show.

8. Natural History & Traditional Art Museum

Towards exiting the Zoo you will find 2 small museums. The Natural History Museum displays artefacts from Cyprus whilst the traditional art museum displays a collection of traditional pottery.

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