Travel to the Island of Aphrodite


Cyprus is a lovely island located in the eastern Mediterranean, rich in history and culture. As characterised by Lovely Planet:

“Cyprus is far more than a lazy beach-time resort; the island is multilayered, like its history, with a compelling culture, lifestyle and landscape”

Here you will enjoy the best blue waters and taste delicious Cypriot specialities that will make you want to come back.  I’m lucky that I’m living there. I’m in the process in writing posts about all sorts of places, cities and villages in Cyprus so stay tuned for more posts in the future. I’ve made a list with 50 interesting facts about Cyprus which include points about geography, history, economy, culture, transportation, food & drinks, entertainment and myths – this will provide you a lot of knowledge about this beautiful island. Apart from that, I’ve dedicated some time researching and reporting what you can do in Cyprus without spending a lot of money so here’s some free things you can do.

For more information about this beautiful island visit the official website.