The following is a list with all the places I have been to during the last 6 years which includes destinations I have travelled for holidays and business. Some of the destinations have a link to the relevant article regarding the specific travel, just click on the city and you’ll read my travel experience.

Dora’s Travel Map

Dora has been to: Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vatican.
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Year Month City Country
2016 March Ghent Belgium
2016 March Brussels Belgium
2016 February Athens Greece
2016 January Bristol UK
2015 December London UK
2015 September Seville Spain
2015 September London UK
2015 September Bristol UK
2015 June Como Italy
2015 June Verona Italy
2015 June Murano – Burano Italy
2015 June Venice Italy
2015 June Hannover Germany
2015 May Chania Crete
2015 May Berlin Germany
2015 March Athens Greece
2015 March Brussels Belgium
2015 February Milan Italy
2015 January Brussels Belgium
2014 December London UK
2014 October Palermo Italy
2014 August Athens Greece
2014 August Spetses Greece
2014 August Hydra Greece
2014 August Poros Greece
2014 June Porto Portugal
2014 June Aveiro Portugal
2014 February Stockholm Sweden
2014 February Bergen Norway
2014 February Oslo Norway
2014 January Brussels Belgium
2014 January Brugges Belgium
2014 January Athens Greece
2013 October Pisa Italy
2013 October Bergamo Italy
2013 September Brussels Belgium
2013 August Milos Greece
2013 June Athens Greece
2013 May Chania Crete
2013 April Budapest Hungary
2013 April Madrid Spain
2012 December Athens Greece
2012 September Thessaloniki Greece
2012 June Paris France
2012 June Rennes France
2012 June Perros-Guirec France
2011 December Newcastle UK
2011 October Krakow Poland
2011 June London UK
2011 May Berlin Germany
2011 May Franfurt Oder Germany
2011 May Slubice Poland
2011 April Brussels Belgium
2011 January Lisbon Portugal
2010 November Athens Greece
2010 October Newcastle UK
2010 October Paris France
2010 October Brussels Belgium
2010 June Instanbul Turkey
2010 January Madrid Spain
2009 December Newcastle UK
2009 December London UK
2009 July Glasgow UK
2009 July Paris France
2009 June Liverpool UK
2009 June London UK
2009 June Brighton UK
2009 March Amsterdam Holland
2009 March Rotterdam Holland