The following three are my most favourite travel apps I tend to use a lot when travelling.

Maps With Me

I’ve purchased this MapsWithMe  (the only difference with the free version is that you can search) and I’ve been using it the last 2 years. You can download any map you wish and pin any place you’ll need so you can navigate around without an internet connection.  I use this when walking in a city and it’s very accurate in locating you and specifying what’s around you. Oh and by the way, I used this once whilst on a flight to track my location and it works – well the GPS works.

Maps with Me Street - travel apps     Maps with me Search - travel apps     Maps with me pins - travel apps


I don’t use Instagram only for shooting and posting. I find it pretty useful in viewing images from a specific location.  One of the things I like is that when you determine your image location it’s pinned on a map so you have a map view with your images pinned on the location they were taken at. You can also see photos from a certain location by clicking on the location e.g. Agios Nikolaos Church – instagram will display all the photos by all users who have taken a photo at that location.

Instagram Photo Map     Instagram Photos     Photos from a certain location

Trip Advisor

I’ve mentioned Trip Advisor again on my site, however since it’s one my favourite apps I will also mention it here.  I use this to read reviews and find the best places depending on other’s reviews. I also use it to review a place I’ve been. You are able to find places and save them on your phone and when you’re out you can easily locate the place you wish to go using the GPS and Trip Advisor. When TripAdvisor is available for a certain city I will download that instead of using the general application e.g. London City Guide

City Tripadvisor    Trip Advisor Features    My saves on Trip Advisor