Was your flight delayed, canceled, you missed a connection or you were denied from boarding? Don’t stress out because there’s a way to get compensated.

Compensair allows you to claim up to 600 EUR per passenger. Visit their website or check the widget below to check if you are eligible for compensation, totally free. According to their website, the average compensation amount that their clients received was 450 EUR. That’s not bad at all, is it?

So if you have been in this situation, submit your application and claim what you are allowed. 

How can Compensair help me?

  • Detailed analysis of all the circumstances of the case with the use of our software
  • Drafting all the necessary documents and sending them to the parties
  • Negotiations with the airline

If necessary (Compensair will involve their partners and take all the costs and risks):

  • Preparation for court
  • Court procedure

You are always aware of your application status via your personal profile and our notifications.

What will it cost to get the compensation?

Compensair provides you with all the necessary services for free. They charge only a success fee only after receiving compensation.

What do I need to provide to apply for compensation?

  • Signed consent
  • Information about the flight and booking or ticket number

About Compensair 

CompensAir is UK based company that started operating in 2016 to help air travelers know their rights when it comes to claiming any airline compensation due to a delayed or cancelled flight. They have had clients claim money from over 40 countries from hundreds of different airlines.

Excellent and speedy service is the focus of this company. They offer their clients due money from airlines in almost record time. CompensAir is ready to assist you in the process of receiving compensation from the airline as soon as you’re back from the airport. While every flight compensation company is different, CompensAir takes the best features of the industry’s leading companies and makes them each their own.

Be Prepared

Always be prepared for the unexpected! Make sure not to forget to take these must-have travel items with you. In case you have a delay or a cancellation, some of these items will make your life a little bit easy 🙂