Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing involves the process of referring new clients and customers to other businesses, products, or services, through tracked links posted on websites, blog posts, social media, email campaigns, and other forms of ads. Being an affiliate is like being self-employed, you are not required to produce and stock items or ship them – you are only required to do marketing. Today I'm not going to give you detailed guidelines on setting affiliate marketing or its benefits etc - all this info can be found in thousands of articles online e.g. on BigCommerce, HubSpot, SmartBlogger, etc. I will write about my personal experience with affiliate marketing. Does Affiliate Marketing Work? I can personally answer that question from personal experience and tell you that, yes it does work. But it requires effort - marketing effort. It may be difficult and will take time to earn a steady income from affiliate marketing. Your best channel to start with is your website, have a blog posting interesting daily content, maintain social media profiles and reach the right audience by sharing interesting content. Depending on your website’s theme, you should be focusing more on promoting relevant products and services. If you have a website on Financials, then you should be recommending to your readers' relevant products and services. If you have a website about traveling then you should be promoting flights, hotels, and anything related to travel items. Your content should be based on a certain topic you are promoting. Don’t confuse your readers. Be consistent. My Affiliate Story I have both experienced affiliate marketing in the Travel and the Financial Industries. Having developed one website to share my travel experiences and another one to recommend Forex Brokers was just the start of my affiliate marketing journey. BUT, having two websites to maintain along with a full-time job can be very challenging when it comes to dedicating time for updating the website and promoting to reach the right audience and drive traffic to my websites. After 1 year of maintaining two websites, I decided that I didn’t have time to focus on both, and [...]

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Travel Writing Tips for Junior Travel Writers

Let’s get started. . . Whether you enjoy travelling and writing in your own blog or website as a hobby or seek a future career in the field of travel writing expertise the tips below will help you get started. It is significantly important to start off by saying what isn’t considered to be a piece of travel writing. Travel writing definitely isn’t writing about your family’s vacation or what you enjoyed or didn’t enjoy during your last journey. And of course, it isn’t writing about destinations so that you can travel for free as some people think. Travel writing is writing about places and different cultures, people and their manners and customs. It helps readers plan their own trips by giving tips on when and how to travel or giving advice on travelling. Your aim should be to spread your travel experiences and knowledge to others so that they can follow these suggestions or warn them not to make the same mistakes you did. However, try to focus more on the positive parts of your experiences as your job is to inspire people to travel not to prevent them. The key to a successful piece of travel writing is to always have the reader in mind. What do they need to know? Will this interest them? Is the information I am providing helpful? In order to answer these questions, you need to narrow down your target audience. For example, does your writing refer to young adults, families travelling with children, the elderly, people who seek adventure, or people who want to relax? By having your target audience always in mind, you will not lose track of your writing. If your target audience is ‘young adults who seek adventure’ you would probably like to mention places in the destination that will offer them the adventure they are looking for e.g. hiking, extreme sports, bars, and clubs. But if your target audience is ‘families travelling with children’ you will then have to include family-friendly places to visit, family excursions at the destination, etc. It is impossible to write a piece of [...]

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Benefits of Sponsored Social Media Advertising

Sponsored social media advertising is an effective way to increase the number of your blog’s active and engaged followers through your social media pages. This will help you target the right people by defining your audience demographics and location. Sponsored advertisement can supercharge your blog’s growth and engagement by providing a fast approach to get your posts in front of the suitable audience. Sponsored advertising has a diversity of benefits for bloggers including: Define your Budget: All you have to do is define the budget you wish to spend for a specific ad. Define your Audience: You can your target audience by defining it in an easy and simple way. Instant Top Placement: Your sponsored posts will instantly be placed in the relevant placements on social networks. Increase Blog Awareness: You’ll notice that sponsored advertisement will place you in right in front of the most suitable audience. Your blog will be noticed accelerating the reputation of your brand. Instant Results: You’ll see immediate results from the moment you start your sponsored campaigns e.g. traffic to your blog. Check Insights: You’re able to see details about the people who have viewed and engaged with your ads. The following are the most popular sponsored social media advertising options for a blog. It’s a decent approach to focus your advertising strategy and budget on platforms where users are mostly engaged. With Facebook , you can create targeted adverts to reach different audiences, amongst 1.4 billion people, and meet your business goals. More info at Facebook Ads. Instagram is one of the world’s largest mobile ad platform with a community of more than 400m users. You can promote your blog, link to your website and see real conversions. More info at Instagram Ads. With twitter you are able to share your message with the people you wish to reach based on their demographics and their twitter activity. You are only charged when a user visits your website or makes a specific action. More info at  Twitter Ads.  You can promote your pins so they appear in the most [...]

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