Another collaboration post with three great lady travel bloggers recommending cheap travel destinations. This posts will introduce you 4 places to travel on a low budget (if you are looking for that option!). Destinations reveal in this post include, Krakow in Poland, Albania, Lambok and Tanjung Pinang in Indonesia. Enjoy reading the following recommendations based on real stories.

Albania: Katalin from Our Life Our Travel 

Albania is one of the cheapest and most beautiful countries in Europe. Me and my husband spent there a month this year while traveling around the Balkans, and it was our top country. The mountains are amazing, the beaches have crystal clear water, and they are less developed and less crowded than elsewhere in the continent.

The hostel prices start from 5 euro per night, the hotels are also cheap, although we decided to rent our own house which costed the same as the hostels would have. Local food and good beer have low price. Fresh products are sold at the market places every day. Eating out is easily affordable even every night, just make sure you eat with locals and don’t end up a place serving only tourists.

The public transportation is cheap as well, but we warned, it is quite slow.  An own car gives you mobility, and the road conditions not as bad as they were ten years ago. Only the driving culture needs more improvement.

One of the best beach we’ve been was at Borsh. The seaside is surrounded by hills with olive trees. The beach is wide, clean, and the hotel business just about to starts.

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Lombok, Indonesia: Lauren from THE TRAVELLER’S GUIDE BY #LJOJLO

Lombok, Indonesia is my little piece of cheap paradise. Situated east of Bali, Lombok is Bali’s lesser known yet cooler neighbor. Not riddled with tourists the island is obviously the cheaper of the two. With its laid back feel you can experience luxury for a fraction of the price.
An hour massage will set you back 70,000 rupiah approximately $5 USD.
Food, well that is just as cheap and cocktails, cheap cheap cheap. I have even managed to obtain a three-bedroom luxury villa with its own pool at a cost of approximately $15US a night per person for six people. Just look at the photo, can you imagine staying there for next to nothing? Want to read more, I even wrote a review on the incredible property. This of course was an exceptional deal but if you look hard enough no doubt you can achieve they same cheap way of living I have on the beautiful island of Lombok.

Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia: Kristin from SG Dive Girl

I recently went on a weekend getaway to Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia. The entire trip, including a night at a privately-owned island, baby turtle release, snorkeling and an hour-long massage ended up costing me less than USD200.

My friends and I booked a night at White Sands Island, and also arranged our transportation to the island with the resort. Leaving from Singapore, caught the 9.15 am ferry. We arrived at Tanjung Pinang after a ~2 hour ride, where we were picked up by the staff and brought on a 40 min car ride to the jetty. A small boat then took us across to the island, just about 10 minutes away.

The island resort had a very “immersed in nature” and “back to basics” kind of feel, which was super cute and quaint. There were also many pretty and romantic-looking structures for photo ops! I brought along my snorkel, fins and mask, and could just walk into the sea from the island to explore the underwater world. We were also fortunate to witness the baby turtle release as the island was involved in sea turtle conservation efforts. The next day when we left the island, we stopped by at a spa to get our massages in for a final relaxation before our return home.

This turned out to be a great budget destination! The night at the island costs only about USD30. This includes the boat transfer to the island, accommodation for the night, free and easy exploration of the island and the unique turtle release experience if you go at the right time!

Food and drinks at the island also did not cost much. The hour-long massage cost only USD22. The largest expense was the transportation to get there.

My friends and I booked a night at White Sands Island, and also arranged our transportation to the island with the resort.

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Krakow, Poland: Me, Dora 

Krakow is an affordable beautiful city in Poland which makes it a popular European destination for travelers looking to a budget destination. Staying, eating, drinking and touring around is a lot cheaper than any other cities.

If you love beer, Krakow was ranked top in the Beer Price Index all around the world, offering the cheapest beer around. If you are really looking for cheap food in Krakow, street food is what will help you keep your budget very low. You can have a traditional bagel for 0.38 cents or a Polish hot dog for 2 EUR! You can also enjoy a budget dinner in a non touristic place up to 15 EUR. There are a lot of restaurants where you can dine cheap.

Visiting Krakow’s famous attractions and museums will also keep your costs low since its cheaper compare to other European cities. The only expensive ticket is visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps or the Wieliczka Salt Mine.  You can see the city by renting a bike which costs 1 EUR per hour. First 20 mins start for FREE, then it goes up to 0.50 per hour and increases up to 1 EUR.

Reasons to visit Krakow, a cultural city in Poland