Verona, the city of romance, opera and tastes

Verona, charming and romantic, is well known for the story of Romeo and Juliet. It’s a small city that you can see in a day or two – it depends on your schedule and what kind of traveler you are. Verona was in my plans when I traveled to Northern Italy and combined Venice, Verona, Como and Milan. After visiting Venice, the next destination was Verona. We got the speed train from Venice which was around 1 hour. We planned 2 days – actually 1 and a half day. Most travelers prefer to dedicate one day since its small and there is not much to see. The small city center is enjoyable and you can discover everything by feet. If you are dedicating only one day here, make sure to arrive early in the morning. Staying We stayed at the Hotel Italia, which is a nice hotel on a budget. The basic room provided all the necessary comforts. The hotel is located near the bus station which you can take and get to the city center. The hotel provides you free breakfast and free wifi and you can certainly enjoy a drink on the terrace. Things to See & Do Verona Arena, in Piazza Bra, is the Roman amphitheater, an impressive structure made of bricks and red marble. Although it’s aged and it still hosts some of the most famous musical operas, concerts, and other events. We paid to enter the Arena and were amazed by the inside. The afternoon we visited they were setting up for ‘AIDA’ that was going to be played on the same night and decided to buy tickets to experience this. I’m not into opera but I was curious to experience one. The ticket was 25 EUR. The language was Italian, I couldn’t understand a word but I knew the story so I could sort of figure out what was going on. Juliet’s balcony represents the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet. It’s located In an old building right in the city of Verona. There’s a bronze statue in the courtyard which represents Juliet and [...]