Why You Should Travel Solo

I don't mean all the time, but you might try it at least once. I've done it quite a few times. It's much easier than you think and it's a life experience. Of course my post doesn't mean that I'm against travelling with friends or your other half, but alone it’s something different. Here I’m listing some reasons why you should travel solo, at least once in your life. 1. Travel Arrangements are easier Think about how many times you wished to travel with friends, family etc and had to organize everyone together so that your schedules, budget and interests matched with each others. When you plan to travel alone you just book your travel based on your own needs and budget anytime you want. 2. Enjoy time with YOU We all need some time to spend on our own and travelling is a good opportunity to reflect on your character and see that you can have fun without relying on others. Most of all you will discover that you are independent and this will boost your confidence. 3. You make your plans Travelling on your own will allow you to plan your trip according to your wishes and be spontaneous any time you wish. You don't have to rely on others to decide where to go or what you'll be having for lunch/dinner. Instead, you will do whatever you wish. You decide what you'll see, how much time you will spend at each place, what you are going to eat, when you're getting up and when you're going to sleep. 4. You meet new people With English being the universal language you won't have many issues communicating with people. Of course you don't have to make new friendships or talk to strangers if you don't wish to. But it's easier to meet new people, tourists or locals, and find out things about places which are not written down in the tourist guides. 5. You have time to document your experiences When travelling on your own you'll have more time to dedicate on things you like and document your experiences [...]

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20+1 Italy facts you need to know

Italy facts you need to know I just got back from an 8-day holiday trip, travelling in Northern Italy (Venice, Verona, Como and Milan) and made a list with some things you should know about Italy. So here’s a list of a some Italy facts you need to know. 1. You pay a city tax per night to stay in a hotel. The price is based on the star rating of the hotel. 2. Avoid eating or having coffee near touristic attractions. You’ll get ripped off. 3. Aperitivo is a tradition that you may find in some bars. You pay a fixed price e.g. €10, and you can get a drink and eat as much as you can from the buffet (Which includes chips, pizzas, potatoes, meatballs, desserts - it depends where you go). 4. As soon as you sit in a restaurant they will bring you bread-sticks and bread - no butter, no olive oil. See the next point.  5. You are obliged to pay for the service; this is called Coperto (they charge you to sit down and they bring the bread), which is around €1.50 - €3 (it depends where you go). 6. Order house wine – it’s much cheaper than bottled wine. 7. Pizza Margherita is the cheapest pizza you can eat. 8. Italians do not serve tap water, only bottled. 9. You are not required to leave tips at the restaurant. 10. You are not obliged to order all courses e.g. antipasti, first course, second course and dessert. Even with first (usually pasta, risotto) you will feel full. 11. Standing in a bar is cheaper than sitting down. 12. You have to pay to enter the toilet in public places. 13. Buy your public transportation tickets before, you cannot buy them on the bus or tram. 14. Validate your ticket before you board otherwise you’ll get in trouble. 15. You can't pay with a card if the total is less than €10 so always make sure you have cash with you. 16. Some stores and restaurants have a day off during the week (usually Monday) so you might [...]

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Palermo, chaotic streets with magnificent buildings

I knew Palermo from the game ‘Night falls in Palermo’ but I never thought that I had the chance to go there. ‘Night falls in Palermo’ is game of Mafia were you have to lie a lot in order to convince that you are innocent.  The game must have taken its name from the Sicilian Mafia in Sicily. They say that it's a group which the public calls them as Mafioso’s who are involved in illegal activities and agreements. Palermo is the regional capital of Sicily. Actually if you conduct a little research online you’ll see that it’s described as the most cosmopolitan city of Sicily. So once again, I was in Palermo for work. Accommodation Although my meeting was hosted in Carini (a small town outside Palermo) I choose to stay in the city center in order to see the city. Carini is nicely located near the beach but it has nothing else. I stayed at the Grand Hotel Federico II which is located very centrally in a quiet street. From here you can access on foot the city's must see spots, shops and restaurants. The room was large, clean and provided all the important facilities such as stable free wifi, TV and a mini bar. The breakfast options were good. Exploring Palermo My personal advice is to see Palermo on foot. You will enjoy the streets and discover hidden buildings, churches that you are most likely to miss if you take the public transportation. I did the double-decker bus tour and had the chance to see all the main points of the city. You can start the tour from Teatro Politeama Garibaldi. You’ll njoy the ride since you’ll get to see many historical and magnificent buildings, main city points and pass from busy streets while you listen to the history of each attraction.   However when the tour ended I walked since I like walking and you can explore the city better on foot. I discovered La Cala, a small beautiful harbor near the port. As I was walking from La Cala towards Piazza Novanno Meli in about 2m in front of [...]

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