An evening in Porto spent at the Ribeira

Porto is a coastal city in northwest Portugal known for its stately bridges and port wine production. In the medieval Ribeira (riverside) district, you will be amazed by the narrow cobbled streets, the merchants’ houses and cafes. This was one of my shortest stays in a city. Since I was in Aveiro, I had to stay the night before my flight back to Cyprus in Porto in order to catch the plane the day after. We took the train from Aveiro to Porto and got off at Porto Campanha metro station. I have to mention that during the trip from Aveiro to Porto, you can enjoy amazing views, especially when you are approaching Porto. From the Campanha station, we took the metro to Casa da Musica to go to the hotel and drop off our suitcases. We stayed in Avenue da Boavista, at the Quality Inn Portus Cale hotel, which was nice and clean. We only had a few hours in the evening to have dinner and walk around the central area in Porto. I pretty much looked on the map where it’s worth going and had a rough idea about where to have dinner. We got the metro and got off at Jardim do Morro, on the other side of the Ponte Luis I bridge, to enjoy the spectacular view of the Ribeira, a district made up of medieval streets and seedy alleyways. We walked to the other side of the bridge and down to Ribeira, where we wandered around the area and found a nice place to have dinner. We enjoyed a nice dinner at Adega São Nicolau. If you can go there, try to get a table outside to enjoy a nice river view, and you certainly won’t be disappointed by the food. Don’t forget to try the famous Porto Wine. After dinner, we went back to the hotel to rest and prepare to travel back to Cyprus the next day. I’ll be going back to Porto for the holidays and staying for more days since it’s a beautiful city with a lot to see and do. Photos [...]