Reasons why Disneyland Paris is also for adults

Who doesn’t know the most popular entertainment park Disneyland Paris? An amazing entertainment area of 2 Parks, 7 Disney Hotels, a golf course and Disney Village for even more magic and fun. Who said Disneyland is only for kids? Who said adults cannot feel like kids again? As an adult I’ve been to Disneyland Paris and felt like a child. I’ve cherished my childhood and seen my favorite Disney characters coming alive. So if you are the kind of person who thinks Disneyland is only for children, rethink. Below I'm listing some reasons explaining why Disneyland Paris is for adults also. Watching the Disney Parade This was the best part of my experience at Disneyland. Watching the classic Disney characters and listening to the Disney music it’s energetic, interactive and mostly fun. You’ll see Donald and his friends, Alice in Wonderland, Mickey Mouse and many more. Enjoying Disney’s Big Thrills Some of the big thrills every adult should experience at the park include Indiana Johnes, Space Mountain and the 25m high RC racer coaster. Having Lunch at a Disney Themed Restaurant Imaging having a fairy tale Dining at Cinderella's Royal Table or sitting at Billy Bob's Country Western Saloon. You can find some great Disney themed restaurants and cafes. I suggest you have a look on the Disneyland Paris website before you visit. Staying at a Disney Hotel Staying at a Disney Hotel next to the park you’ll be able to enjoy more hours of Disney. If you wish to relax you can visit the spa for some royal treatment, making you feel like a Prince or a Princess. Enjoying some Disney Nightlife Did you know you can party until late? The Disney Village hosts some concerts; there are a number of bars at the Village and the hotels so you can stay up late. Shopping at the Disney Main Street U.S.A As a grown up kid you’ll want to buy some Disney lollies once you step inside the park. [...]