10+1 Paphos sites to see

Paphos (Pafos) is a beautiful coastal city in the southeast of Cyprus. The history of this beautiful town dates back more than 9 thousand years, from the Stone Age, to the roman times, Byzantium until today. There are a number of sites which have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Due to the fact that Pafos is the European Capital of Culture for 2017, I’m taking the opportunity to post the must Paphos sites in this beautiful town. This is the place where I grew up since I moved from the UK to Cyprus. I've lived here for 12 years (before moving to Limassol). I basically gathered the top 10+1 sites you have to see when you are visiting Pafos. What’s different in this post is the fact that most of the photos I’m using have been captured by other photographers I follow on Flickr and who have given me the permission to use their work on my post. Plan your holidays here! You can swim as early as end of March - beginning April up until October. During spring the temperatures are between 23-30 and during summer the thermometer get's close to 40(~). Depending what you like, spring, summer, autumn you can choose accordingly when to visit. However, whenever you visit make sure not to miss the following sites. Must See Paphos Sites 1. Paphos Harbour Castle is another UNESCO World Heritage Site located at the harbor. It's beautiful stone walled castle with a lot of history. It was a Byzantine fort, built to protect the harbor but was later on destroyed by the Venetians. After the Ottomans ruled, the castle was restored back to its old glory. If you enter the Castle and get on the top you’ll enjoy nice views of the harbor and the city. Admission: € 2.50 https://www.flickr.com/photos/dora1986/6114586943/in/album-72157627596040568/%20 Paphos Castle -Photo by Me 2. Archeological Park, another UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980. Here you'll find the more important monuments including Saranta Kolones,the Roman Oden, Agora, Asklipieion, Basilica of Chrysopolitissa, Roman mosaics at House of Theseus, Aion and Orpheus. Admission: [...]