Cyprus Cape Greco Viewpoint

Between Protaras and Ayia Napa, there’s a magical viewpoint in Cape Cavo Greco. The viewpoint is located on the top of a cliff and from there, your eyes will relax by just gazing at the infinite Mediterranean Sea. Embark on a visual expedition of one of Cyprus' most scenic and awe-inspiring natural wonders: Cyprus Cape Greco. Nestled along the southeastern coast of this Mediterranean island, Capo Greco's mesmerizing beauty is an undeniable magnet for nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and photographers alike. But let’s introduce the area to those who may have not heard about it. Cape Cavo Greco is located in the southeast corner of Cyprus. The site is divided into two parts, the military part, and the national park. Of course, you cannot access the military part, however, the national park is worth a visit. In order to reach the viewpoint, you will need to drive up to one point and then you will have to walk a few meters to reach the top of the cliff. Below is a collection of captivating photographs that capture the essence and charm of panoramic view which you can enjoy from this fantastic viewpoint. From its rugged cliffs to its crystal-clear turquoise waters, prepare to be transported to a world where nature paints a surreal landscape of wonder and tranquility. Cape Greco Viewpoint Map It's worth noting that using a GPS or navigation app can be helpful to ensure you stay on the right track and locate the specific viewpoint. Additionally, be prepared for narrow and winding roads within the national park, so drive with caution and be aware of pedestrians and other vehicles. For more information regarding Cape Greko National Park visit ChooseYourCyprus.