Aegean Airlines – A Traveller’s Review

For 15+ years now, I've been flying with Aegean almost exclusively. I always try to book with them, even if I have to pay something more compared to low-cost airlines since I'm happy with the overall experience, service, and the fact that they fly almost everywhere in Europe. In 2022, Aegean was voted by passengers for the 7th time the “Best Regional Airline in Europe for 2022”  at the Skytrax World Airline Awards for the 11th consecutive year and this coincides with another strong performance in the overall World's Best Regional Airline section with an excellent 2nd place position. Aegean Airlines is the largest Greek airline that has carried the largest number of passengers, serving a large number of destinations with the largest fleet size. aircrafts Years History Destinations Countries Advantages Low Fare Calendar You can find the lowest prices available for your chosen destination and search for the dates with the lowest prices up to 11 months ahead. Inspired to get away? Use the following to search for your next flight! Destinations Info Their website provides full detailed information about the destinations they fly two. Just visit the destinations section and find out  At the Airport Waiting time to leave baggage at the check is short. Speedy boarding process at the gate. If you are traveling Business Class you can access their lounges and enjoy some food & drinks (no charge since this service is included in your ticket). Special Assistance Even if you are a passenger with special needs, a child traveling alone, if you are traveling with an infant or pets, Aegean provides you with the best special assistance. On Board Service Comfortable Seats Greeted by pleasant, elegantly dressed hostesses, Sweets for take-off Tea and coffee. Provide Hot Meals – You can pre-define your meal when you check in since they offer you a variety of options to choose from You can select from a variety of drinks Enjoyable In Flight Entertainment featuring Greek Tourist Attractions Miles & Bonus Currently, I hold a silver card which has opened up a [...]

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10+1 Tips on how to book the cheapest flight

I usually spend hours and hours before deciding and booking a flight. I search on various search engines, I watch the prices go up as the days pass by in order to book the cheapest flight, but usually, I end up booking a higher price (compared to the price I first found). Below I'm listing some tips you need to have in mind if you want to get the cheapest flight. 1. If you find a cheap fare just book it, don't think about it. If you think of it over and over again the fare will most likely go up when you decide to finally book it. The best time to book your flight is today, now. 2. Try to search and compare prices Skyscanner as far as I know if one of the most popular flight search engines.  Try to search for the same flight on travel search engines but also make sure to check the airline's website too, it might be cheaper. 3. Book 6 weeks in advance Prices drop below the average fare 6 weeks before you travel. 4. Book last-minute flights When an airline hasn't filled a flight, they will cut down their prices. So if you are flexible you should try this. 5. Travel on Tuesday or Wednesday According to FareCompare Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally the least expensive days to take a flight while Friday and Sunday are the most expensive. 6.Combine two flights You might find it much cheaper to combine two low-cost airline tickets compared to one direct. Make sure to check all the available options. 7. Become a frequent flier Sign up for the frequent flier schemes so you can gather miles and spend them later by getting cheaper/free tickets. 8. Fly early in the morning Early morning flights are the cheapest. 9. Fly off-peak Avoid flying during half term/school holidays, high summer season, bank holiday breaks. 10. Fly to the secondary airport Most destinations have two airports. The primary one is more expensive compared to the second one (low-cost airlines fly there). 11. Join airline mailing lists By signing up on airline mailing lists you'll [...]

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