Limassol Things to Do

According to TripAdvisor and the list of the Top 10 Traveler’s Choice destinations around the world, Limassol was ranked 3rd. Limassol is a city in Cyprus, on the southern side and the largest urban area.  Although the town has a history to look back on, it has left behind only a few evidence of its past since the city has been modernized and changed into a cosmopolitan appearance. Taking this opportunity and the fact that I live there, I’m listing below my recommendation for the 10 Limassol things to do. 1. Visit Limassol Marina for lunch, dinner or a drink - an exclusive waterfront development where you can shop, dine or go for a drink. 2. Walk from the Old Port to Enaerios and enjoy the Limassol Promenade - i recommend to read my post. 3. Shop from the Square Market - for fresh vegetables, fruit and fish. 4. Go up to the Mermaid of Porto Bello to see amazing Limassol views - it used to be free but now you pay €3 but it's worth it. 5. Visit the Amathus Archaeological Site - one of the most important kingdoms of ancient Cyprus. 6. Visit the Castle of Limassol and have lunch or dinner at the surrounding restaurants. 7. See the ancient attractions at Kourion  a spectacular archaeological site. If there's a concert or a theater planned there don't miss - the amphitheater is amazing during night when there's an event on - specially a concert. 8. Go to some of the famous beaches, Governors beach and Lady’s Mile - after you swim make sure to eat some fresh fish from the surrounding restaurants. 9. Visit the Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum - a new museum in town where you can see classic old cars. 10. Attend the Limassol Carnival (around February) and the Wine Festival (end of August, beginning of September) I hope you enjoy these 10 Limassol things to do.