Aveiro, the Portuguese Venice, a city in Portugal, with more than 250 years of ancient history. Visit this unique city and its Ria, get to know secrets and traditions which have been transformed into true tourist experiences. A wide, safe and clean city, with a differentiated tourist offer, with all the comfort and hospitality indispensable and make your trip a unique and unforgettable experience. Visit Aveiro and be amazed by its many charms.

Below we are introducing you top activities to experiment in Aveiro in order to learn the history and experience the culture of this beautiful city.

Salt Pans Experience

Adaptation of a traditional salt field, for the teaching of salt crystallization and of all elements associated with the process. The visit is accompanied by tourism technician adapting the various contents to different audiences.

Price for Groups: 3,00€ p/person
Duration: Takes around 45’minutes

Funceramics “Pottery Experience”

Let’s try the Wheel of Potter! Feeling in the wet hands the piece of shapeless clay that with the master’s help is taking shape. Taking advantage of the compass swayed by the foot, we will make the Wheel turn at the desired pace. It is necessary to dry and to bake so that in the end, it finally becomes Ceramic.

Price for Groups: 3,00€ p/person
Duration: Takes around 60’minutes

Moliceiro Ride

The experience of getting to know the city aboard the Moliceiro – typical boat of the Ria de Aveiro. Tour within the urban canals and performed with all security and comfort. Visit the 4 channels of the city accompanied by a tour guide.

Price for Groups: 6,00€ p/person
Duration: Takes around 45’minutes

Workshop Ovos Moles

Learn How to Make Ovos Moles with a professional. Visit a place of manufacture of Ovos Moles, a typical sweet of Aveiro, and learn how they are made and all the historical surroundings of these sweets conventual without missing the final taste and tasting sweet.

Price for Groups: 3,00€ p/person
Duration: Takes around 45’minutes

Touristic Train

Come to visit the city of Aveiro, in the most beautiful touristic train, accompanied by a guide with all the explanation. Passage through the most interesting places in the city, not forgetting the salt pans and the architectural complex of the University of Aveiro.

Price for Groups: 3,50€ p/person
Duration: Takes around 60’minutes


Come to discover the differences between artisanal production and the industrial production of soap, as well as its historical and social contextualization to the present day. The younger ones still could create their mini-soap.

Price for Groups: 2,00€ p/person – Create your soap and get it for free
Duration: Takes about: 45’minutes

For more information regarding all the activities, visit the Experiment Aveiro website.