From what I believe, there is a wanderlust that resides in me! Though, for the better part of the year I’m rather occupied in earning my bread and saving for those sojourns to the various parts of the world, that I constantly itch for! However, at the end of it all, I am but a traveller by nature, and an avid one at that!

Now coming to the topic in discussion – India! The great, grand, marvellous land of India which evolves from many a mythical stories, a land which has survived hundreds of colonial, economic and natural turmoil, and still came out stronger, every single time! At least that’s what I’ve heard and deduced from the many stories and even anecdotes that revolve around this nation! While I’ve been planning a visit to India since long, I’ve almost always not been able to make it there. However, the intriguing nature and culture of this country has kept my mind occupied, my curiosity to know more has only be fuelled further through various online blogs and my fellow friends! Both of these sources have managed to give me just more than a sneak-peek into this mystical land!


If this travel destination caters to the wanderlust in you too, the go ahead give this blog a brief read, and I’m sure you’ll come to like this land even more!

First, let’s touch the subject that’s probably the closest to every Indian’s heart. Yes, I’m talking about ethics and morals. Indians are typically extremely social in nature and hence rather courteous. They’ve morals deep rooted in their value system, and hence qualities like honesty, tolerance towards others, and warmth in reception, friendliness, and hospitality come naturally to them. In fact, as many of us already know, many Indians go by the motto of “Athithi Devo Bhava”. However, one of my friends did find it all a tad overwhelming, but for the time being I’ll let my benefit of doubt prevail over his experience. That being said, like any other country even India might have certain people who might not behave well, mostly out of curiosity, especially in case of foreign tourists!


Next thing that one would probably notice in this country would be exuberance. Thanks to the immense diversity in regions and religions, India is one country filled with colours and lots of them. People, especially women dress elaborately and more importantly elegantly. Being a warm country that India is, one will seldom find people scantily dressed, they almost always follow the dressing ways set by their communities and look stunningly gracious in them!

As I pointed out earlier, tolerance towards other people, their religion and their way of life on the whole is one of the most unique qualities of the people of this diverse land. India is known for its crowded city life, its increasingly high levels of urban pollution and loud noises, and it is still very calm in its own right.


Though India has traditionally been a land of scholars, it is almost astounding to find the inclination of a large majority of modern day people towards maths and science. Doctors, engineers, professors and even literature enthusiasts are found in great abundance. Indians are quite well-known for holding important positions across the globe in various organisations and institutions related to the fields of physics, astronomy, economics etc.

While some may find that there exists a stark contrast between the learned and the illiterate, given high illiteracy rate, however, word has it that the masses are more enthusiastic than ever before with respect to education, and turnouts to school have improved immensely. Moreover, even if one is not literate, there is a good chance that he/she would be well versed in speaking more than one languages, which is a skill in itself!

All that being said, from what my friends have told me, India is a place no outsider can ever come to understand! So, all I am looking forward to is to pay a visit to this lovely land, where life is simple yet enigmatic and immerse myself in the culture, give a close ear to the impeccable social symphony, witness the complex paradoxes and emerge as a more seasoned traveller, because in the end what matters is – The chances we take and the memories we make. They’re all that will stay with us forever!