According to TripAdvisor and the list of the Top 10 Traveler’s Choice destinations around the world, Limassol was ranked 3rd. Limassol is a city in Cyprus, on the southern side and the largest urban area.  Although the town has a history to look back on, it has left behind only a few pieces of evidence of its past since the city has been modernized and changed into a cosmopolitan appearance.

Taking this opportunity and the fact that I live there, I’m listing below my recommendation for the 10 Limassol things to do.

1. Visit Limassol Marina for lunch, dinner, or a drink – an exclusive waterfront development where you can shop, dine or go for a drink.

2. Walk from the Old Port to Enaerios and enjoy the Limassol Promenade – I recommend reading my post.

3. Visit of the most important archeological sites of ancient Cyprus in Limassol. For more information check out my article Must-Visit Limassol Historical Sites

4. Visit the Castle of Limassol and have lunch or dinner at the surrounding restaurants.

5. See the ancient attractions at Kourion a spectacular archaeological site. If there’s a concert or a theater planned there don’t miss it – the amphitheater is amazing during the night when there’s an event on – especially a concert.

6. Go to some of the famous beaches, Governor’s beach and Lady’s Mile – after you swim make sure to eat some fresh fish from the surrounding restaurants.

7. Visit the Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum – a new museum in town where you can see classic old cars.

8. Attend the Limassol Carnival (around February) and the Wine Festival (end of August, beginning of September)

I hope you enjoy these 10 Limassol things to do.