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TRIP EXPERIENCES is a travel blog by Dora who shares travel stories and tips, currently for European countries.

“I enjoyed a cruise in the Norwegian fjords, had a dinner 327 meters underground at Wieliczka salt mine in Krakow, felt sad at the Auschwitz concentration camps in Poland, waited for a delayed train in snowy Myrdal in Norway (altitude 866 m) at -15 degrees Celsius, got on the Flam Railway, one of the world’s steepest railway lines, went on a 7 hours road trip from Paris to Perros-Guirec(580 km) in one day, stepped on the Pink Granite Coast in France, walked from Germany to Poland (Slubice) by crossing the boarders in Frankfurt Oder. . .”


dora2014Hello and welcome to my world of Trip Experiences. I’m Cypriot, with a London touch, living in Cyprus, the ancient island of Aphrodite. I love travelling and most of all I love blogging about it. I hope you find some interesting info here and if you have any comments or recommendations please contact me.

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2906, 2016

TOP Reasons to Visit Cyprus

I have to admit that from all the posts I’ve written on my blog, anything that has to do with Cyprus has raised a lot of interest. What do I mean? Anything that has to do with Cyprus has been viewed and shared a lot! So what’s better than writing [...]

2106, 2016

Reasons to visit Krakow, a cultural city in Poland

Krakow is the second largest Polish city, one of the most cultural cities in Poland. It’s a historical city with impressive churches, museums and its beauty and atmosphere attract thousands of tourists every year. If you believe in legends, Krakow was built on the cave of a dragon. Why is [...]

1706, 2016

Wieliczka Salt Mine in Krakow, 135 meters underground

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is the only salt mine in the world which has been preserved in a great position. It’s one of the major tourist attractions in Poland, Krakow, registered as one of the World Heritage Sites on the UNESCO list and visited by over a million tourists every year. It used to produce [...]

2105, 2016

50 Cyprus Facts, an island rich in history and culture

Cyprus is a lovely island located in the eastern Mediterranean, rich in history and culture. In Cyprus you will enjoy the best blue waters and taste delicious Cypriot specialties that will make you want to come back.  I'm lucky that I'm living there. I've made a list with 50 interesting Cyprus [...]